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askvalosthequarian asked:

"Excuse me, I think you dropped this."


Elvira turned around to the voice and looked down on herself. “Oh thank you, darling! I actually wanted to fix this a long time ago.” She smiled apologetically, taking her dagger out of the strangers hands.


"You’re welcome. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is that a sacrificial dagger?"  




She blinked, that weird sci-fi show Polly showed her once popping into her head—what were those aliens called? Reavers? Yeah.

He’s talking like he’s a Reaver.

"A-Ah. Right. There’s—plenty of other types of gloves, though."

"Personally, I was thinking fingerless. That would look pretty cool, Right?"

"Fingerless gloves are pretty cool, yeah! You should get black leather ones."

"Black leather? You really think that would look good on me?"

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